Organic Flower Calendar

We pride ourselves on growing a huge selection of over 100 different varieties and colors of flowers throughout the year.

All of our flowers are grown in season and using certified organic methods to ensure the best possible quality, beauty, fragrance and longevity.

The list below is our forecast of available flowers from our Terra Bella Farm in Chico, California. Watch our website product postings as new flowers become available each season.

Expected harvest dates


Anemone     December -  early April

Narcissus  February and March
NarcissusNarcissus tazettaNarcissus double cream
Dutch Iris  February -April Iris mix
Tulips   Late January to Late March French tulips
Ranunculus   Early March to Early April Tangerine ranunculusRanunculus champagne
Sweet Peas - April
Sweet peas


Spring- Summer

Asiatic Lilies Late April to Mid July
and December
lily mixOrange dream lilyDark red lily
Peony Mid April to Mid May Peony coral charmPeony blush white
Sunflowers Early May to Mid November SunflowersTeddy bear sunflowers
Godetia Early to Mid May Godetia
Dianthus Early May to Mid June Dianthus
Snapdragons Early May
Bells of Ireland Mid April to Mid June  bells of ireland

Summer- Fall

Lavender Mid May also in September Lavender
Statice June to October Statice
Solidago June to August Solidago
Ornamental grasses June to October  fairygrass.jpg
OT Hybrid Lilies Late May to Mid July
OT hybrid lilyOT hybrid lily yellow

Dahlias June to Mid October  Dahlia mixDahlias creamDahlias cactus

dahlia light purpleprospero_klgr.jpg

Dahlia merlotDahlia chocolate

Zinnias Late June to Late October Fire zinnia

Celosia Mid July to Mid October
Tuberose Mid July to September
Lisianthus Late June to Mid October Lisianthus lizzy lime


Amarylis Belladona August - September
Amarylis belladona
Pumpkin Peppers October - November Pumpkin peppers
Ornamental Peppers September - December
Peppers ornamental
Chrysanthemums October - November Autumn flower mix
Broom Corn September - December African bead corn