Love Letters:


I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and to let you know how wonderful the flowers were. I was amazed at the care you take in packaging them. The colors were fabulous and everything was great. Thank you very much for making my wedding more beautiful with your organic flowers.
Nicole, Georgia

Well, Mom received her flowers today on schedule for her 50th birthday and she called me simply delighted over how beautiful the bouquets. Thanks for being green, organic and lightening people's lives. I can only hope that someone will send me one of your bouquets some day soon!
Lorissa, Colorado

As I was ordering a thank you bouquet for a family member, I was thinking how truly wonderful it is to have a company like yours to call on when we need flowers for special people far away. We've used your company for orders from Savannah to Portland to Berkeley, and you always deliver perfect quality at a reasonable price, not to mention that I have the peace of mind of giving a gift that's organic.
Jacquelin, Oregon

I recently had you send flower to a friend in Santa Fe for her art opening. she has sent a photo to me of the flowers, and was simply overwhelmed by was I. Thank you so much for offering this service.
Lillian, Tennessee

We got the flowers on Friday for the Sunday wedding and they were spectacular. We were so impressed by the quantity, the colors, the variety and quality. Thank you so much for the beauty you make, for the stewardship of the earth and for taking such good care of the floral part of the event.
Karen, New York

My mom LOVED your flowers. the colors and types were lovely. She said they were so fresh and many of the flowers were no open yet, which was perfect because she could watch them open later in the week! She send me digital photos and I agree. Thank you for having such terrific flowers and for them being available as 'organically grown'. I will definitely share your website with friends and use your services again!
Christine, California

Last week I ordered a bouquet of snapdragons for my mom. She called to say they were the MOST beautiful flowers ever. Thanks you!! I used to order through 1800flowers but not anymore. you're my new flower people!!
Jen, Connecticut

I ordered flowers from you for the first time this week and I can promise you it won’t be the last time! My mom received her Spring Flowers today and just gushing about how wonderful they are. “ They look like real flowers” she said, meaning that they look like something that came out of a real garden instead of a floral strip-mining operation.
Anne, Indiana

(to sender)You’ve surprised me with a beautiful with a lovely bouquet of Ranunculus! They arrived on my birthday -exactly- in a well protected box with good water. They are the focus on our dining tabel now- opening more each day - oranges and mauves and reds and pinks. Absolutely stunning!
Susan, California

Thank you so much Marc my husband just called to say he ahd received the flowers. They were a big hit because they were “ out of the ordinary”. Thank you for a beautiful organic product.
Doris, New Jersey

And thank you again Marc and Julia, the anemone were a big hit, and just keep getting prettier with every day. We’ve been following your instructions to the letter, and wow!
Courtney, California

My mom received her flowers today and boy was she happy!! She was a florist for many  years and she really appreciated the way you guys packaged them as well as the other flowers that were included. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We’ll be visiting your site again.
Rebecca, North Carolina

They are the lovliest bunch of snapdragons I’ve ever seen. They came on the 14th and are still very fresh and vibrant. It was such a nice surprise.
Jen, Virginia

I just wanted to let you know that my grandma was so pleased with the flowers I sent her. My mom who is a serious gardener and has a green thumb said they were beautiful. THANK YOU so much!
Kendra, Kansas

I ordered the Spring Bouquet for my mother for Mother’s Day. She said they were the most beautiful flowers she has ever received. She could not stop gushing about how beautiful your flowers were. She said,”I don’t know if they’re more beautiful because they're organic. but whatever they do works!”
Kiran, Minnesota

I got the flowers and they are gorgeous. that and the chocolate managed to turn my frown upside down. I foresee a long history of your flowers in my family’s future.
Belinda, Oregon